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Pigments for plastics
Pigments for plastics
(The color card here is for reference only, and the true color is decided by actual product !)
Number Chinese Name English Name Composition Heat resistance Color
JHS-501 正黃 Yellow Cd-S 900°C  
JHS-561 大紅 Red Cd-Se-S 900°C  
JHS-571 紫紅 Violet Cd-Se-S 900°C  
JHS-506 桔黃 Orange Cd-Se-S 900°C  
JHS-508 檸檬黃 Yellow Cd-S-Zn 900°C  
JHS-568 桔紅 Orange Cd-Se-S 900°C  
JHS-586 天蘭 Sky-Blue Co-Cr-Al-Zn 1300°C  
JHS-588 翠綠 Green Co-Cr-Al-Co 900°C  
JHS-528 蘭綠 Green Co-Cr-Al-Zn 1280°C  
JHS-576 艷黑 Black Co-Cr-Fe 1300°C  
JHS-551 棕色 Brown Fe-Cr-Al-Zn 1280°C  
JHS-552 灰色 Gray Sb-Sn 1300°C  

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